Code katas for selecting technical talent

Code katas for selecting technical talent - An experience report Hiring good technical people for your team is always a challenge. I have experimented with several different approaches in the last few years, from screening CV, in-person interviews, including technical questions, a design challenge to solve a business problem during an interview, etc. But I was never entirely happy with the results because none of these techniques gave me a good indication that the candidate masters good technical practices. [Read More]

Organizing architectural katas

Architectural katas are a great way to spice up the architectural skills of your team or community, and practice to have productive discussions about architecture. I always receive great feedback after (co)-organizing architectural katas 1 and I regularly get questions on organizing them with others. So with Matteo Pierro, I did run a session at XP-days Benelux 2019 on how you can organize these katas yourself, sharing experiences to encourage others organizing the same kind of katas. [Read More]