A zero bug policy - how to get there? (2/n)

In the previous post, I discussed the reasons for a a zero bug policy using a real example policy. I used a similar approach in teams developing mobile applications, embedded software for public transport, or administrative tools for a utility provider. This post adds the journey to get to a zero bug policy. Introducing a zero bug policy is not always easy, and the start might be a bumpy road. [Read More]

A zero bug policy (1/n)

A critical decision to make when developing software is how to handle bugs. Yet, many teams struggle to cope with bugs effectively and focus mostly on releasing new features quickly. By following a zero bug policy -where bugs take priority over new features- you build in quality. And you avoid a lot of frustration for your users, team members, and management. I write this blog as the first in a series about a zero bug policy to share my experiences. [Read More]